500+ Computer Questions for RI, ARI, AMIN, Constable, Forest Guard & Other Odisha Govt Exams 2021-Jobs in Odisha

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All Important Computer Questions for Odisha  RI, ARI, AMIN, VLW, Constable and Other Exams

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Important Computer Questions For All Exams

1- Computer Monitor is also Known as ?





Ans-  VDU 

2- Which one of these stores more data than DVD ?

A- CD Rom

B- Floppy

C- Red Ray Disc

D- Blue Ray Disc

Ans-  Blue Ray Disc

3- Eight bits make up a ?

A- Byte

B- Megabyte

C- Kilobyte

D- None

Ans- Byte

4- Which one also known as read/write memory ?




D- Hard Disk

Ans-  RAM

5- The Printed output from a computer is called ? 

A- Copy

B- Soft Copy

C- Hard Copy

D- Paper

Ans- Hard Copy

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6- Which was the Computer Conceived by Babbage ?

A- Donald Knuth

B- Arithmetic Machine

C- Analytical Engine

D- All Of the Above

Ans- Analytical Engine

7- MS- Word is an Example of ?

A- An Operating System

B- A Processing Device

C- Application Software

D- An Input Device

Ans- Application Software

8- Shell is the exclusive feature of  ?

A- Application Software

B- System Software




9- Modem is a ?

A- Word Processing Software

B- Application Software

C- Hardware

D- Liveware

Ans-   Hardware

10- Which of the Following  is generally Costlier ?

A- Mainframe

B- Personal Computer

C- Notebook Computer

D- Server

Ans- Mainframe

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